About Me

Hi! My name is Janina and I decided to run this little blog to share my love for baking with other cake lovers.

I grew up with lots of cake as my Oma was a fantastic home baker. She started doing cakes for friends back in the 1950s and did so until the early 2000s. She made all kinds of cakes, from simple Bundt cakes to elaborate wedding cakes she sold to her customers. I liked eating the cakes, but never really had much interest in baking myself. I usually completely failed at baking.

Like those Brownies I made with a friend once when I was 10. We just started to learn English in school and at the end of the book was a recipe for Brownies. We looked up all the words, translated them and then stumbled across “to melt”, which was translated into a weird German word “zerlassen”. Neither of us knew what it meant so I simply put a block of butter onto the radiator. I think I do not need to mention that the radiator heat melted the butter rather quickly and it seeped out of the wrapping paper and the liquid butter went everywhere. It ended in calling my Oma to ask what “zerlassen” actually means. “Measure the butter, put it into a saucepan and place that over low heat on your stove. Let it MELT completely, dear!”.

What my Oma made:

Sorry for the bad quality, but this was the cake selection during my First Communion in 1991, all made by my Oma. Including Herrentorte, my sister’s favourite cake and my dad’s fave – Frankfurter Kranz. Very classical German, but utterly delicious.

After that, more baking catastrophes followed (you know muffins aren’t any good if you can hurl them at someone and bash their heads in with it, right?) and it wasn’t until I moved to France 8 years ago and felt totally at home here. The mothership of fine patisserie! A lovely friend gifted me a KitchenAid and it has served me very well since then. I started simple with cupcakes and in October 2018 I made my very first tiered wedding cakes for friends.

I hope you enjoy my little blog with my recipes. 🙂

Janina aka Petite Cerise

PS: The logo for my blog was created by the lovely Nicole who is not only a great artist but also behind Cuddle and Snooze. You can visit her Etsy store or check out her Facebook site for new creations.