You can find my WIPs and upcoming CC on my Simblr! 🙂

So, why Sims? Isn’t baking enough?
I have been a huge Sims fan since 2000. Yup, that’s a looooong time, more than half of my life and I loved every minute of it. It is creative, it is cute, it is fun.
Sims 1 was mostly just enjoying gameplay and downloading tons of stuff from the internet. With Sims 2 I got a bit more involved, I loved playing around in the CAS mode, which then lead to recolouring clothes and even learning how to use Milkshape to create my own meshes. I also learnt how to use HTML, built a little website called Sims 2 Like it Hot – yeah, I am sure you get the Marilyn reference, didn’t you? Later I put up some of the files I still had onto TSR, where you can also find my Sims 3 CC. I even worked as a freelance writer for the special Sims editions by GameStar.

Sims 4 gave the game a whole new look, which strayed away from the more realistic look used in Sims 3. I love it, but my habit of which CC I want in my game has changed drastically. It is all about Maxis Match now. No alpha hairs anymore, clay hair it is. All decor needs to be in Simlish as well, otherwise I feel it doesn’t fit the game aesthetics and how I like to play. I still want a realistic level in the game so I started recolouring some objects which I want to publish soon. 🙂